Our mission

> We’re here to change lives. Whether your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, perform better at sports, or look good shirtless, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve it.

> We believe in Evidence based fitness — that which can be measured, observed, and repeated. Fundamental tenets of the program are Safety, efficacy, and efficiency (it’s safe. It works. It works well)

> We use constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity to increase work capacity over broad times and modal domains. That’s a fancy way of saying you will be able to do more regardless of the activity or duration.

> We believe crossfit is for everyone: young and elderly; healthy or injured; experienced athlete or no background. HEre, everyone is an athlete.

> you are why we are here. We want this to be the best hour of your day. We want this to be your home.

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Our community

> our group style structure combine the benefits of private training with a communal atmosphere. You’ll never be just another number to us, but You will gain the support and encouragement of those around you.

> We like to hang out after class and outside the gym. So spark a conversation. Make friends. Joke around. This should be fun!

> Our community IS what makes ESCF what it is. Without it we wouldn’t exist. Without it, we wouldn’t want to come in on Monday. we’re in this together. This is a family.

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Our programS

CrossFit class packages:

> 2x/week - $175

> unlimited (month to month) - $225

> yearly contract - $200/month

> drop-in - $30

personal training & small group training - contact for more details