Daniel Stearns (owner)

A.K.A. The Wodfather

Coach Dan opened the doors in 2010 as a way for him and some friends to train. What began as a mere hobby, quickly swelled into a burgeoning business that would become his life’s work. Nearly a decade and two locations later, he couldn’t imagine his life without ESCF and its people.

His passion for Crossfit and for everyone who walks into the gym is not only apparent, but infectious. He genuinely cares about his people and loves helping transform their lives. Dan is the reason why so many people have come, and so many end up staying.

When he isn’t coaching, Dan divides his time between his family (including three beautiful children, who all crossfit) and training jiu jitsu.


Justin Servino (head coach)

It’s been rumored he lives at the ESCF gym. It’s also been rumored he hasn’t eaten solid food in several years. Neither can be confirmed nor denied, but When he’s not coaching or slugging back protein powder (sans water), Coach Justin is usually training or hanging out at one of the Empire state locations.

My CrossFit journey began back in 2015, somewhat atypically — alone in a small apartment complex gym and the infamous “Murph” workout. After spending an undisclosed time lying lifeless on the ground and wondering what I just did and why I did it, I was hooked. The more I learned about it, the more I realized I stumbled upon something special. This was not only the most effective training methodology I encountered, it was also the most alluring. It was wildly challenging, constantly varied, all-encompassing, and resurrected the competitive spirit I had so desperately missed post-athletics. I was obsessed (most will tell you I still am) and spent the next two years educating myself while being “that guy,” doing CrossFit in a local globo-gym. That made me very popular…

During that time, I found a passion for sharing this knowledge with others and decided to pursue it as more than just a hobby. Upon completing the CF-L1, I contacted one gym: Empire State CrossFit. I was lucky enough to know a few members who had nothing but good things to say about the place and its community. The conversations would inevitably end with, “You’d love it. You gotta check it out.” Boy am I glad I did. I can honestly say that every positive thing I had heard was validated within my first day. The moment I walked through the doors, I was welcomed with open arms and felt as though I had been there for months. While each individual’s reasons for being here may vary, they all share the commonalities of being supportive, welcoming, and wanting to constantly better themselves. It starts at the top, with owner and Coach Dan Stearns, who has an unrivaled ability and desire to motivate and help all of his members. He’s as genuine a person as you come across and truly cares about his people (yes, he pays my salary, but it also happens to be true).

Starting CrossFit and joining ESCF are two of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can think of no better place to work and spend the majority of my time. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be a part of this community. If you feel like challenging yourself, improving your health and fitness, or just want to meet some great people, stop on in!

coach hugh.jpg

Hugh Barr (coach)

aka Hughdini

a.ka. lt. barr

a.k.a. the fittest at escf

If you’ve ever been amazed by coach hugh barr’s physical feats, you are not alone. PLenty have tried to best him in the many solo and team competitions he’s participated in over the years, and many have fallen. His resume includes countless victories at local crossfit events, a 105th place finish in the 2019 masters Online qualifier (for the crossfit games), a medal of valor for heroic acts in the line of service (fdny), and a steamy spread as “Mr. August” in the annual NYC firefighter’s calender.

You might be wondering, is there anything this guy can’t do? probably, but coaching certainly isn’t one of them. From the moment he joined the ESCF staff, he was an instant favorite among the members.

Joining the coaching staff at escf was a perfect fit for all. he became an instant favorite among the members overnight. Like every other endeavor in his life, planning down to the second, group stretching, and an endless amount of encouragement are all staples of a class with Coach Hugh.


Mike Fiore (coach)

A.k.a. fiore

A.K.A. The beard

A.K.a. Judge DRedd

A.k.a. Mr. no rep

resident strongman and head judge of the empire state crossfit family. Coach Fiore has served as an official judge in several crossfit sanctioned events over the years, including the regionals level competition.

He loves two things: pushing others beyond what they believe themselves capable of, and ‘no repping’ people (especially select members… or just one… killians…).


Jeff Corbin (coach)


After being the typical gym goer for the better part of my adult life, nearly 7 years ago I stepped foot into Empire State Crossfit and have been a die-hard Crossfitter and Masters competitor ever since. I have always been focused on nutrition, health and wellness and coaching at Empire State has given me the opportunity not only to take care of myself and get into the best shape of my life but also to hopefully inspire others to do the same regardless of their age or other limitations.

When not at Empire State Crossfit or spending time with my family, I am the CEO of APPrise Mobile, an enterprise software technology company. (Empire State and its awesome community provides me with the perfect place to clear my head from the daily challenges that life and work present.) I received my Level 1 Crossfit certification and look forward to training every week with Coach Dan and especially to coaching our Fundamentals class on Sundays as well as participating in the weekly shred.


Leigh Randall (coach)

A.k.a. Bones

A.k.a. the shredder

Coach bones is a walking advertisement for ESCF anti-aging. He has the mind of business titan and the body of a 25 year old model. Though he often intimidates the other men from removing their shirts in his presence, don’t let the exterior fool you; Leigh is accomodative a coach as their is.

He is one half of the duo that runs the popular fundamentals class (for beginners) and advanced express on sundays. IF you take a class with this gentleman, you will be guaranteed two things: world class coaching; and an experience full of shred.


Deborah FArber-Kaiser (coach)

A.k.a. Coach Deb

a.k.a. D’Brah

a.k.a. the boot

No stranger to fitness, Coach Deb comes from a rowing background at the collegiate level. Like many people, Deb was the average "globo gym" goer before she found Crossfit (and by average we mean several hours/day, seven days/week... even with a broken foot -- hence the name, "the boot").

Deb's Crossfit journey began modestly in the basement of said “globo,” gym while looking for a way to improve her fitness and have a good time. But after seeing the annual Wodfather event at ESCF, her days at globo gym were over. She fit into the Empire family seemlessly and not long after joinging, Deb decided to delve into the coaching world. Her dedication to fitness is only outmached by her desire to help other succeed. You can almost always find her helping out a member with their technique, or reassuring an athlete who is doubting themselves.


Jillian Grubert (coach)

A.k.a. Hammer

The only person known to have a harsher diet than coach justin.

The day I walked through the door of Empire State crossfit in October 2014, I not only had the greatest workout of my entire life but the acceptance and support that existed within those four walls was life changing. Who knew something like this existed. Instantaneously I was hooked. From that day forward this is a place I would call Home. This is where I gained confidence, got strong (not only physically but mentally). I was challenged and overcame those challenges and learned a ton about myself and along the way met some of the greatest people I will ever know. This is what I would build my life around.

A little bit about myself: I’m a wife, and mother of three amazing young boys. Other than crossfit I participate in competitive tennis, and practice yoga regularly.

In 2016 I earned my level one crossfit certification. My motivation for this was having the ability to help people feel good about themselves and gain from crossfit the same things I did. I wanted to spend my time paying it forward. See people grow and change in a positive direction. If crossfit has taught me anything, it’s that your Your brain is your biggest muscle.


Brian Kim (Coach)

A.k.a. BK

With a bachelors degree from Harvard University and a masters from John Hopkins School of international studies, Coach BK has the brains to match the brawn. His full time job is a mystery to most of us, but only because we're not smart enough to understand it. You'll find him most days working out at the 5 AM class, or pumping the tunes all Saturday long as Coach BK.

“I spend a lot of my free time reading about CrossFit-related topics and watching video clips in an ongoing effort to better educate myself and others how to work smarter and safer while improving our fitness. I started at Empire State CrossFit in June 2011 (during the yellow gym days!). I received my Level 1 Trainer Certificate in July 2012 and my Movement and Mobility Trainer Certificate in October 2012. In a nutshell, CrossFit has allowed me to reach a level of fitness I never thought was possible while giving me the chance to form lasting friendships with awesome people I might not have otherwise met.

The many memorable moments include being part of the ESCF contingent cheering on our first regional competitors in Canton, MA, and just about every Saturday morning class, because the workouts are especially fun and Saturdays bring the weekday morning/evening crews together so we get to make more friends."